Where can I watch a documentary about AI for free?

One of the most important moments in the history of artificial intelligence’s creation thus far is the victory of AlphaGo, an ML-based artificial intelligence program designed to beat humans at the game of Go.

Built by the team at DeepMind, a (so-quoted in the documentary) “semi-independent subsidiary of Google” (and wholly owned by Google) — AlphaGo became the centre of a technology and media storm during a Go tournament in Seoul, South Korea, against world-leading Go player, Lee Sedol.

The DeepMind team have a channel on YouTube, on which they released their documentary about AlphaGo, directed by Greg Kohs, for free.

Watch it while you can.

AlphaGo — The Movie | Full Documentary, Free To View on YouTube:

Machine intelligence and the world-as-a-game

Perhaps there is something humans can indeed learn from a world of machine and digital intelligence built on — although extremely numerous — constrained possibilities, probability, rationality without emotion, and game theory.

Photo by zero take on Unsplash



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